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Innovative products for animal nutrition and health.

The poultry has been the fastest growing sector especially in Middle East and Africa, the poultry production continue to grow. Doxal has grown strong unique Products in all aspects of poultry production, Nutrition and health.
The dairy industry is one of the most progressive food industries in the Middle East and North Africa. Doxal offers sustainable cattle, sheep and camel solutions which improve dietary requirement, support health and optimize the performance of your flock.
The fish production in the Middle East has gradually been increasing, with the expansion of the production, however the challenge facing aquaculture increased. Doxal Has a new aquaculture special products, to maintain water quality, support health and optimize the performance of fish and shrimp.

Middle East & North Africa
DOXAL Regional Office

Based in Cairo ( Egypt ) since 2008. MEDRO ‘s main purpose and activities are to coordinate Doxal strategy in the area, to scout around for new business opportunities and to improve the distribution network.

Doxal Always searching for New, Innovative technologies, one of the Main Technology discovered By Doxal was;


Bi-Modal Protection of Molecules

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Our Team

Mr. Samir Faraje

MEDRO Regional Manager

Mrs. Nada Majeed

MEDRO Markting Manager

Eng. Khalid El Khasawna

MEDRO Representitive in Jordan

Dr. Sate Kasoha

MEDRO Representitive in Syria

Dr. Marwa Hassan

MEDRO Regulatory affairs