Welcome to MEDRO Middle East & North Africa DOXAL Regional Office


MEDRO (Middle East & North Africa DOXAL Regional Office), based in Egypt since 2008, MEDRO is responsible for coordination of DOXAL strategy, deliver highest level of technical and scientific service to the customers and improve the distribution network in the area of middle east and North Africa.

MEDRO is active in 10 Countries, i.e. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Sudan and Libya.

DOXAL Company was born in 1975, Doxal Italia Spa dedicate their efforts in manufacturing products for the veterinary market.

Doxal Italia spa is in the Sulbiate industrial area and no chemical industries are present in nearby.

Doxal Aim:

The plant has an area of 22.508 m2, divided to:
3,075 m2 as warehouse
2,406 m2 as production area
528 m2 as laboratories
9,359 m2 as way and square
3,840 m2 as green area
1,181 m2 as offices


Our laboratories follow an international and internal policy, comprising of preparing, updating and implementing a series of standards aimed to ensure the quality of all drugs manufactured by our plant, taking all the appropriated strict steps to guarantee that they have the quality required by World Health Organization (WHO).



Quality Control Laboratory
Constitute 800 m2, the task of this laboratory is to assure that before being offered for sale, all the products manufactured by the plant comply with a series of specifications drawn up individually for each product in order to guarantee their purity and assure that it is completely safe.



Research and Development Department

This department is closely working with scientists and engineers in several universities and research centers within in Italy and abroad, develops new products to satisfy the continuous demands form the livestock industry. It is continuously looking for ways to improve its technological standards in order to live up to future requirements of the growing and demanding veterinary markets world over.


Doxal company has it own training department, The training class room enough for 45 person. Professional training for our distributors, customer, and stock holder was applied form time to time.