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Bi-Modal Protection of Molecule



BMP is DO-xal Exclusive technology for premix and feed additives manufacture, it is developed in the 1980’s by Dox-al scientists and approved by the EU under Directive 70/524/EEC.

BMP process involves fixing an active substance to a carefully selected carrier granule which is then wrapped and protected in a micro-net of specific coatings covered under the international patent.

Advantages of  BMP Technology

1- BMP treated feed additive, allows for better distribution in the feed resulting in more accurate dosing of the target animals and less wastage.

2-BMP reduces the potential for cross contamination between feeds..

3-BMP micro granule reduces the problems of farm worker exposure to feed additive medicines and minerals known to present health risks, by significantly

reducing its dust emission in the feed mill and on farm.

4-BMP Improve the heat stability of premix. During formulation of BMP products, particle size is effectively increased by agglomerating many small particles to

produce a smaller number of larger particles. The process has been demonstrated to have many benefits over other granulation techniques currently in use in the

feed industry.

5- BMP treated premix is safer to use and saves you money.

Benefits of BMP technology

  1. BMP reduces dust emissions
  2. BMP offers more accurate dosing
  3. BMP limits cross contamination
  4. BMP respects withholding periods
  5. BMP results in less wastage
  6. BMP saves the farmer money

BMP versus other technologies

Field and Laboratory trails for BMP technology versus other technologies


A- BMP Minimizing Dust emission

B- BMP minimizing allows for better distribution in the feed resulting more accurate dosing

C- BMP Minimizing cross contamination

  • Colistin Sulphate

  • Trimethoprim and sulphadiazine

  • Tiamulin

D-BMP Maximizing  Heat stability

BMP micro granulate technology has been used by many multi-national medicated feed additive manufacturers for manufacture of :-

  • Premixes
  • Antibiotics
  • Coccidiostats
  • Growth promoters
  • Performance enhancers
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Therapeutics