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(Thepax Aqua)

Growth Promoter and Immune stimulant for Aquaculture
EU Patent no 0111202

Composition: each 1 kg contains

  • 100 % Inactivated Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Var Ellipsoid With count 50 X 109 /gm
  • 16 % betaglucan
  • 18 % Mannanoligosaccharides

Action of Aqualase

1- Aqualase act as growth Promoter through efficacy to stimulate growth of normal flora in the gastrointestinal tract of fish

2-Aqualase Able to stimulate growth and multiplication of beneficial flora in fish GIT 2.5 times more the normal

3- Aqualase Increase Digestive performance through digestive enzymes produced by normal flora

4-Aqualase improve water quality through decrease of non-digestible protein which reflect on decrease of Ammonia synthesis.

5- Aqualase has antibacterial effect, as the normal flora increase the section of Bacteriocines, Acidolin, Lactacin B, F, and Lactobacillin increase and their effect as natural antibiotic effect increase plus the competitive exclusion mechanism of normal flora

6-Aqualase  has Immunostimulating effect through Betaglucan and its initiation to phagocytosis
Indications of Aqualase :-

  1. Thepax used for rapid recovery of digestive microflora after the stress period.
  2. Thepax improves food conversion rate and increase production unit / Cost.
  3. Thepax stimulate the immune system and reduce incidence of bacterial, viral and fungal infections
  4. Thepax reduce the incidence of abnormal fermentation of feed in the intestine.
  5. Thepax reduce ammonia production and so reduce the Water deterioration in fish farm.

Dosage of Aqualase :-
500 gm – 1 kg / ton feed

Field Trial for Aqualase in Carp