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Bravo Aqua

Mixture of essential oils e butyric acid salts.

Composition: each 1 kg contains

  • Mixture of essential oils
  • Emulsifying and stabilizing agents,
  • Thickeners and gelling agents
  • xanthan gum (E415) 5,000 mg
  • silicic acid,
  • Carriers: Sodium gluconate, sodium butyrate, wheat meal up to 1 kg


  • Bravo included in the diet has a positive influence on body weight gain, and feed utilization.
  • Bravo has positive effect on the composition of intestinal microflora.
  • Bravo increase in the villi length and crypt depth.
  • Bravo has antibacterial effect against pathogenic bacteria
  • Essential oils in Bravo have positive influence on daily feed intake and exert antioxidant properties

in fish and Shrimp : 1 kg – 2 kg / MT feed