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Composition: each L contains

                           Calcium Glyceraphosphate (in a bio-available form)        300 mg


  • In all animal species, calfast is indicated as a bio-available calcium supplement, in cases of acute or chronic hypocalcemia
  • In physiological statuses where on increased calcium intake is needed  in the phases of peck deposition in laying hens),

Dosage and Administration:

  •  in acute cases 150 ml in 100 L of drinking water
  • in chronic cases 75 ml in 100 L of drinking water
  • To improve egg shell quality and strength, we suggest a program consisting of 100 ml in 1001 of drinking water, two days per week.
  • For one-day old chicks, at 100 ml/ 100 L of drinking water.


1 L bottle

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