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Captex Alfa

Special Toxin Binder Formula

Composition : each 1 kg contains

  • Enzymatic complex based on esterase and epoxidase derivatives
  • Inactivated and stabilized cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mannan Oligosacharide Betaglucan Propionic acid
  • Modified hydrated Na-Ca aluminosilicates
  • The product is in a fine powder form, and a light brown-grey aspect.

Technical features

CAPTEX T2 combines in one product 4 different strategies to counteract a broad spectrum of mycotoxins and to help animals to recover faster and better:

  1. Enzyme complex, capable of deactivating toxic metabolites in less harmful compounds thus decreasing toxicity of mycotoxins (T-2, HT-2, ZEN, DON,Fumonisins).
  2. THEPAX yeast cells and purified MOS and Betaglucans, able to complex sites and bind mycotoxins, thereby reducing negative effects occurring in intestinal environment.
  3. Modified hydrated Na-Ca aluminosilicates, physically and chemically treated. > 150 microm max 1%; > 100 micron max 5%; < 30 micron max 5% Thanks to its granulometric profile CAPTEX T2 has min. 150.000 particles/gram
  4. Propionic acid, the most powerful organic acid preventing further mold growth.


  • C APTEX Alfa able to change mycotoxin to non-toxic form through enzymatic biotransformation.
  • CAPTEX Alfa biologically adsorbing mycotoxins.
  • CAPTEX Alfa physically adsorb the high polar mycotoxin without affecting vitamins and minerals.
  • CAPTEX Alfa able to enhance growth and multiplication of gut flora so improving appetite of animals

CAPTEX Alfa dosage , 0.5 -1 kg/ MT feed