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Water Soluble Powder

Composition: Each kg contains

Doxycycline hydrochloride 1000,000 mg


1. Doxysol 1000 After oral administration is rapidly Absorbed.

2. Doxysol Peak plasma concentration was reported 2 hours  after oral dose

3. Doxysol distributed very rapidly in body fluids and tissues  as evidenced by the high values for distribution rate.

4. Doxysol about 80 to 95% of in the circulation is linked to  plasma proteins.

5. Doxysol biological half-life ranges from 15 to 72 hours.

6. Doxysol has several important advantages over other  tetracycline analogues in the treatment of infections  by their better absorption and long half-life,

7. About 40% of Doxysol dose is slowly excreted in the  urine.

8. Doxysol does not accumulate significantly in Animals with  kidney problems, presenting much fewer side effects


1.Doxysol is a derivatives of tetracycline, antibiotic

2- Bacteriostatic action but demonstrate bactericidal activity as it  is concentration dependent Antibiotics

3- Doxysol is a  broad-spectrum  antibiotic Gram-positive  and Gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Spirochetes,

and Mycoplasma species

4- Doxysol is synergistic with Tylosin and colistin

Doxysol Mode of action

Doxysol 50 inhibit bacterial protein synthesis by preventing the association of aminoacyl-tRNA with the bacterial ribosom


For therapy of respiratory and enteric infectious diseases caused by doxycycline sensitive germs.

1- Doxysol is often used to treat avian infectious diseases such as  colibacillosis, salmonellosis, staphylococcosis, mycoplasmosis

and chlamydiosis

2- It is also efficient in the treatment diarrhea in calves and  cattle with small dosage

Dosage and Administration:

Administered in drinking water or milk replacer

Broilers: 10-15 g/100lt drinking water/day for 3-5 days;

Turkeys: 10-20/100lt drinking water/day for 5 days

Calves: 0.1 g/10 kg b.w./day for 5 days

Package :

1 kg bag
5 kg bag

Withdrawal Time

Broilers: 5 days
Turkeys: 10 days
Calves: 21 days