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Composition: each L contains

Glycerol, maltodextrin, glucose and sorbitol.


To be used in high yielding dairy animals (early lactation), as integration at high energy value to the diet, in particular during sudden change of the diet (from dry period to early lactation in dairy cows or after replacement in beef cattle) Ideal is its use in the most critical period of summer, during which there is a physiological decrease of dry matter intake by the animals because of heat stress, with a concomitant increase of energy consumption.

Dosage and Administration:

To be administered well mixed in the final feed at the following dosages:

  • Dairy cows: 250-500 g/head/day;
  • Fattening bulls: 250 g/head/day for 20 days before slaughter;
  • Bulls at arrival after replacement: 150 g/head/day;
  • Sheep and Goats: 20-50 g/head/day.


250 L drum

Withdrawal Time