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Complementary feed for dairy cows

Composition: each Kg contains

Concentrate of selected, inactivated and stabilized cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and B complex is added as different premix, prepared with BMP® technology (European patent n. 0197188) in order to guarantee an as much homogeneous dispersion, stability, safety and bioavailability as possible


– Fedosan helps in optimizing the performances of the animals by aiding in efficient functioning of liver under normal and challenged condition;

– Fedosan is highly recommended as the best hepato-booster, for instance in case of mycotoxins related syndromes or suspected ones, during

which liver is the first organ having been affected.

Dosage and Administration:

Administer fedosan well mixed in the TMR, at the following dosages:

  • Standard dosage: 10-12 g/head/day.
  • In case of need  25-30 g/head/day for 20 days is highly recommended.


25 kg bag

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