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Levitan ” Thepax Dairy”

Inactivated Saccharomyces cerevisiae,

EU Patent No. 0904701


Composition: each 1 kg contains;

100 % Inactivated Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Var Ellipsoid strain.

From the Plat we concluded that Saccharomyces cerevisiae is very important for stimulation of rumen flora and Cellulytic bacteria

 But the Question is which type of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Dead or Live  ?

Live yeast to multiply need pH 4.6, but the rumen pH is 6.5 so live yeast unable to reproduce efficiently under rumen environment !!!, and dead yeast is lacking to some nutrients composition and need high dosage to be effective, …………….

Levitan “THEPAX Dairy” is Inactivated Yeast

Not Live but still Bioactive


Levitan is a technical innovation of, based on inactivated and stabilized cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, specific for dairy cattle, guaranteeing a noble minerals enriched yeast juice, a whole bigger cell dimension and a thinner cell wall. The Levitan ® cells are unable to reproduce and, once ingested by the animal, do not consume nutrients, do not produce catabolites, and do not compete with the digestive microorganisms.

Feature of Levitan:-

  1. The end result of 37 years researches
  2. European Patents no. 0904701
  3. Bio-active but not alive
  4. It is the best strain for rumen environment
  5. High number of cells per gr of product (10 x 109)
  6. A long shelf life;
  7. A temperature resistance (20 minutes at 120°C), so suitable for pelleting processes;
  8. Resistance to pH changes, even dramatic (Levitan cells are not negatively affected by a pH of 2)
  9. Antibiotic resistance.

Benefits of Levitan:-

  1. Levitan Stimulate growth and multiplication of rumen normal flora
  2. Increase efficiency of fiber digestion
  3. Levitan improve FCR in beef
  4. Levitan increase milk production and improve the milk quality in dairy cattle
  5. Minimize incidence of sub clinical mastitis in dairy cows.

Dosage of Levitan:-

  • Dairy cow : 10-20 gm/ head/ day
  • Beef cattle: 10-20 gm/ head/ day
  • Veal calves : 5-10 gm/ head/ day
  • sheep and goat : 5-10 gm/ head/ day

Field Trial of Levitan (Thepax Dairy) in beef

– 32 Blonde steers (initial wt:  315 kg) were used in a 95 days trial,

  • A group of 16 steers were fed a control diet (Group C)
  •  Y group of 16 steers (Group Y) were fed  the same diet added with 20 g/day of Thepax dairy
  • The results were;


Field Trial of Levitan (Thepax Dairy) in Dairy

  • 70 Italian Holstein dairy cows 175 DIM,
  • 35 control and 35 are test group
  • all groups receive the same diet, except in test group fortified by Levetan 20 gm/head/day.
  • The observation period was 40 days, the data recorded within the last 20 days only
  • Results were;