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Oral solution for red mite control in poultry

Composition: each L contains

Natural products botanically defined as:
· Origanum vulgare
· Thymus vulgare
· Tanacetum vulgare
Carrier: Alcohol, water as needed to 1 L.


Red dox has been designed to enable layer to protect itself against red mites, by developing layer’s immune response in the form of natural toxin
indigestible for red mites.

Dosage and Administration:

For oral use, correctly diluted in drinking water

red dox should be administered at the dosage of 750 mL/1000 L of drinking water during 5 to 7 consecutive days

then repeat the treatment at a dosage of 1 ml /L drinking water once a month until the end of the production cycle.


1 L and 5 L bottle

Withdrawal Time