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Ideal Disinfectant 

Composition: each L contains

                                                     Chloramin T 98.3 %


Disinfectant used for control,

  1. Avian influenza virus
  2. Gumboro disease
  3. Infectious bronchitis virus
  4. Newcastle disease
  5. Marek’s Disease
  6. Avian reo disease virus
  7. Paramyxo virus in Pigeon

 Dosage and Administration:

  • General disinfection: Disinfectant at 1:200 proved very successful.
  • Aerial fogging Use at a rate of 1 part to 10 parts water (100 g in 1 liter). Apply at a rate of 10 ml solution per cubic meter of air space
  • Sanitizing water Systems (birds in) 5 to 10 g per 1,000 liters in drinking water
  • Disinfecting water Systems (birds out) When house is depopulated, add to header tanks at 5 g per liter of water (1 kg in 200 liters)
  • Avian Influenza, Approved rate 1:1000 (Diseases of Poultry)
  • Foot Dips Use at 1:200


1 L bottle, 5 L tank

Withdrawal Time