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Liquid suspension of essential vitamins and amino acids

Composition: each one liter contains

  • Inactivated cells Saccharomyces cerevisiae, potassium phosphate magnesium sulphate, anhydrous sodium carbonate, calcium sulphate.
  • Vitamins
    Vitamin B1          1,000 mg
    Vitamin B2          400    mg
    Vitamin B6          1,000 mg
    Vitamin C  4,800 mg
  • Amino-acids
    L-lysine ammoniochloride, technically pure         3,700 mg
    DL-methionine, technically pure                           4,700         mg
    L-arginine  1,000 mg
  • Trace elements
    Iron (ferrous sulphate, heptahydrate) 1,700 mg
    Manganese (manganous sulphate, monohydrate) 3,800 mg Copper (cupric sulphate, pentahydrate)       1,900 mg
    Selenium (sodium selenite)     90 mg
    Zinc (zinc sulphate, monohydrate)    2,000 mg
    Inositol 1,000 mg
  • Flavourings Agent Mixture of essential oils Emulsifying and stabilizing agents
  • Xantham gum (E415)       2,8°° mg


  • Vannatop used enhance survival rate and growth of fish seed.
  • Vannatop added to increase body resistance against diseases.
  • Vannatop in brooding stocks to improve fertility and hatchability.
  • improved the feed conversion rate and growth rate.


  • In Fish and shrimp : 3 ml diluted in 50 ml water then sprayed on 1 kg feed/ twice daily as therapeutic feed
  • In Hatcheries : 1 ml/ 1 cubic meter water of tank/ once daily
  • In fattening ponds : 1 L / MT feed